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Residential Swing Gates Melbourne

Residential swing gates Melbourne are a popular choice for many home owners. Australiana Gates & Fencing designs and manufacturers many styles of residential swing gates. From simple cladding, to architecturally designed gates aiming to increase privacy in residential situations, to bespoke steel swing gates for high security applications.

Australiana Gates & Fencing custom make their wide range of residential swing gates, including but not limited to, single and double swing gates, bi-fold swing gates and pedestrian swing gates. Our collection of swing gates can be automated or manual, depending on your preference and budget. NB: Automated operation should be considered if the gates are large and heavy.

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Why choose Swinging Gates Melbourne


Swinging gates Melbourne provide the perfect entrance statement for your property. They can be a physical barrier, whilst still providing line of sight, or a physical and visual barrier, depending on your requirements.

At Australiana Gates & Fencing, we custom make all of our swinging gates, which means we can create something specifically with you.

Swinging gates can be used for driveways or pedestrian gates. If your driveway space is limited, then a bi-fold gate can be a fantastic option. Bi-fold swing gates are made from two panels that fold up like a concertina. They work for inward or outward opening folding gates. They are perfect for restricted side room access and are fast to open and close.



A single swing gate Melbourne is the ideal solution for a narrow driveway or access path. Single swing gates last longer if made by steel or aluminium.

It consists of one main ‘panel’ which swings open and shut. It can be manually operated or fully automated, depending on your needs and budget. They are great for driveways and can be designed, manufactured and powder coated for longevity.


Double swing gate Melbourne is the ideal solution for a wide driveway or pathway. A double swing gate consists of two ‘panels’ or ‘doors’ which swing open and then close together. They can be fully automated or manually operated, depending on your budget and circumstances.

Australiana Gates & Fencing have custom made hundreds of double swing gates, for clients located across Melbourne.

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