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Australiana Gates & Fencing

Why we chose to work with Aluminium?

Aluminium has a superior high-temperature performance, which makes it ideal for certain production activities such as welding and powder coating. It also has the ability to be molded into intricate shapes without sacrificing structural integrity. Importantly, it is a recyclable material, which makes it an environmentally responsible choice.

Our metalworking experience combined with Aluminium’s properties result in products that provide everything you always wanted for a gate and fence!

Aluminum Gates and Fence Melbourne is suitable for any residential and commercial property. Australiana Gates & Fencing has an extensive selection of aluminum Gates and Fencing products options and specialises in customised designs.

We are proud to support and purchase our Aluminium raw material exclusively from Australian suppliers.



Easy to handle, transport, and install.





We can recycle cut-offs generated by our projects.


Perfect to withstand outdoor environments.

Strong and Durable

Excellent choice of raw material for metalworking and easier to mold and create beautiful designs.

5-Year Warranty

For your (and Our) peace of mind. Everything sourced and made in Australia.

That means we will be right here if you ever need us.


High-end feel and look enhanced by premium powder coating. Designed and made to last.

Australian Aluminum Gates & Fencing Melbourne


Aluminum fencing is a long-lasting, dependable and sustainable resource when it comes to fence design. It provides strong security while complementing the natural elements of any home facade or landscape design. The lightweight properties of aluminum make installation and maintenance easy, with minimal impact on the environment.

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Aluminum Gates Melbourne are designed and produced by locally owned and operated Australiana Gates & Fencing.

Aluminium Gates are a fantastic option for residential and commercial properties. Not only do they provide great visual appeal, but their renowned strength means they’ll last for years with minimal care. Additionally, aluminium’s lightweight material makes it easy to transport, handle, and install. We offer a wide range of designs that can be customised to fit your property’s gate opening and required functionality.

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