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What about Warranty?

Glad you asked!

You can rely on a 5-year Warranty for all our aluminium products.
Everything is sourced and made in Australia: That means we will be right here if you ever need us.

Why Architectural?

Because we believe beautifully designed and high-quality architectural products should be affordable and available to every home.

And... How do I pick a gate type?

From Pedestrian to Swing and Sliding Gates – Explore your options:



Pedestrian Gates can either be part of a fence or be supplied individually.
Australiana Gates & Fencing offers a range of modern cladding designs for pedestrian gates including slats, battens, angles, and blades with varying gap options, colours, and sizes – All customisable.
Our pedestrian gates are welded for extra strength, made of high-grade aluminium, and are designed to be easy to install.
Choose manually operated or automated options (intercom and security systems) and a variety of lock furniture available.

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Australiana Gates & Fencing is based in Keysborough, Melbourne. We are a local business supporting other local businesses. Our products are made of locally sourced raw materials and fabricated at our facilities.


Standard Sliding Gates
This gate system is fixed on the ground and slides on a rail in a horizontal flow direction.
Sliding gates are recommended for all size openings and in particularly when there is enough room along the side of the gate to slide open.
Operation options include electric sliding gate or manual sliding gate.

Bi-part Sliding Gates
Features two panels that can slide open from the middle of the gate or that can be offset. This is a gate system that relies on a track to guide movement and is generally fully automated.
We often recommend the bi-part sliding gate system when the site environment has an uneven ground or if there is a rising driveway that prevents the use of a full-length or standard sliding gate.

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Australiana Gates & Fencing proudly specializes in Sliding gates design and fabrication for residential and commercial properties.


Double Swing Gates
Made of two panels that swing on hinges fastened to supporting posts, double panels can be made of two exact-size panels with an opening and closing mechanism from the center or offset.
Double Swing Gates are recommended for wider driveway openings as they require more swing distance behind the gates, as well as heavy-duty posts to support their swing mechanism. They can be automated and include security systems.

Single Swing Gates
A single Gate panel that swings on hinges fixed to posts with a closing mechanism on one side.
Recommended when the available opening isn’t overly wide or when the site doesn’t allow for a double swing gate. Single Swing Gates can be electric or manual.


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Designs that look and are actually great!

All Gate designs we offer can be customised as Driveway and Pedestrian Gates and are custom made to fit. Available in a range of gaps, powder coating colours, and configurations.

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